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Contact Safe & Protect Solar to arrange a free no-obligation survey and find out how much you can make from a solar PV installation. Thank's to the Government's Feed-In Tariff (Green Energy Cashback Scheme) you get paid for all the electricity you generate (including any you use); payments that are guaranteed for 20 years and index linked.

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Office Front - new 2The demand and need for energy is at an all time high, this is not ideal when fuel prices are rocketing year on year. We need to eliminate our dependence on finite fossil fuels and start planning for the future.

Every year in the British Isles over 1000 kWh of energy is received on each square metre of surface area. Why not try to harness some of this free energy?  At Safe & Protect Solar we believe that clean energy production will pave the way for the sustainable future of energy and help save the environment for generations to come.

We are located in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders from where we cover most of the UK. We offer a wide range of products & services and pride ourselves on helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint whilst obtaining the best possible return on their investments.  To achieve this we offer a FREE, no obligation property survey to  every customer.  Contact us today to put a green step in the right direction.

Why Solar?

  • Solar PV and thermal system prices have recently become more affordable to the average home owner
  • The current feed-in tariff rate offers home owners the chance to generate a 6-12% annual return on their investment (TAX FREE!!)
  • Solar Thermal will soon benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a Government backed scheme that offers payment for energy generated.
  • Electricity and gas bills are set to rise sharply year on year so generating your own energy from solar panels could mean HUGE savings on your bills. This will enable you to protect you and your family from future price hikes and exercise more control over your bills.
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